GEZE ActiveStop integrated

Milling fixture For milling door leaves and frames for the GEZE ActiveStop integrated

GEZE ActiveStop Fräsvorrichtung GEZE ActiveStop Fräsvorrichtung für eine einfache und schnelle Bearbeitung von Türblatt und Zarge für die integrierte Variante der Türdämpfung.
  • High stability for multiple uses
  • Can be adjusted to fit door and frame widths
  • Templates for milling door leaves or frames can be changed easily
  • Easily stored in portable, stackable tool Systainer
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Application Areas

  • Support for installation of GEZE ActiveStop integrated
  • For the preparation of door leaf and frame with a customary router
  • For door leaf widths of up to 88 mm
  • For frame depths of up to 250 mm

Variants & Accessories


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