Data Protection

Data Privacy Statements of GEZE Austria GmbH | last updated September 2019

Thank you for visiting the GEZE websites (hereinafter referred to as ‘websites’ or ‘sites’) and your interest in GEZE GmbH and our products. The services offered through our websites are designed to ensure that the information and content regarding GEZE that is delivered to you is of interest to you. Consequently, we need to collect and utilise your data to a certain extent in order to optimise our offerings and ensure that the aforementioned objective is met.

We take the protection of your privacy and your private data very seriously. Therefore,we will provide you with comprehensive information here so that you can feel comfortable when you visit our website, and so that you know that we take your privacy into consideration even when processing personal data. We treat data that is collected when you visit our website as confidential at all times and handle it in compliance with the valid data protection regulations. The protection of your personal data is one of our central objectives. Data privacy and information security are an integral part of our company policy.

In particular, we are subject to the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU – GDPR), as well as the provisions of the new Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) that was defined on the basis of the EU – GDPR. Accordingly, we are authorised to collect and utilise personal data to the extent necessary to allow you to use our website and and the websites of GEZE Austria GmbH, along with all their services and functions.