Wireless programme

WRB-5 * Radio reception board for ECturn, ECturn Inside and Powerturn swing door drives

  • Encrypted communication via rolling code with up to 74 trillion code combinations
  • Custom and reliable teach-in to exclude unauthorised activation
  • Channel 1 for standard activation, press and hold to switch from the current mode of operation to hold open and back
  • Channel 2 for push button/hand held transmitter with the function “authorised activation”
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Application Areas

  • For insertion on the GEZE Powerturn, GEZE ECturn and GEZE ECturn Inside control unit
  • Compatible with WTH remote control and WTM transmitting module
  • Can be coupled with up to 12 WTH and/or WTM radio transmitters

Technical data

Dimensions 44 x 27 x 10 mm
Operating current 7 mA
Type of installation can be plugged in to DCU control units
Adjustability with push of button
Transmission frequency 433.93 Mhz
Service temperature -15 - 50 °C
Humidity 0-95 % relative, non-condensing

Variants & Accessories


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