myGEZE Visu

myGEZE Visu basic software package * Building management system for visualisation, operation, control and monitoring of connected GEZE product systems

  • Basic software package for installation on provided customer hardware
  • Graphic visualisation, operation, and monitoring of connected GEZE product systems
  • myGEZE Visu templates for operating GEZE product systems
  • Application for using e-mail notification service
  • One operating station in the basic package
  • Connection of up to five product systems included in the basic package
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  • User administration with users, groups, roles and domain connection
  • Expansion with client management possible as an option
  • Multi-station capable operating system
  • Activation of further functions via license model
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Application Areas

  • Operation of a building management system for door, window and safety technology of GEZE product systems and competitors
  • Use of standardised workflows to release incidents
  • Alarm concepts for forwarding incidents in modern facility management systems

Variants & Accessories


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