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GEZE door systems for access controls with high design demands

The new Gelsenkirchen judiciary centre brings together all the legal institutions over an area covering 19,000 m². Automatic doors and innovative security solutions by GEZE support the functionality and security of the modern judiciary, and fit perfectly into the purist architecture of the building.

A central point of contact: The Gelsenkirchen judiciary centre

Judiciary centre with double-leaf automatic door. Photo: Annika Feuss for GEZE GmbH

Double-leaf automatic door systems offer convenience and security. © Annika Feuss / GEZE GmbH

The Stuttgart architectural firm Harris + Kurrle planned the three-part building complex with a clear focus on functionality and creating synergy. The courtrooms, library, land registry and cafeteria are grouped around the atrium in the central part of the structure. The judicial administration offices are housed in the two smaller, slightly offset areas.

High-quality automatic doors and innovative security solutions by GEZE support the functionality and security of the modern judiciary, and fit perfectly into the purist architecture of the building.

Maximum convenience: Automatic doors with Powerturn drive

Three double-leaf glass swing door systems characterise the prestigious entrance area of the main building. The powerful Powerturn drive systems by GEZE in the well-proven 7 cm design move the large glass leaves of the automatic doors lightly and quietly for accessible convenience. Thanks to the integrated smart swing function, the heavy glass leaves can also easily be opened manually. This reduces energy consumption, regardless of whether the door is in manually in operation or kept open for long periods.

Efficient access controls thanks to GEZE door technology

Automatic doors with Slimdrive EMD-F swing door system in the entrance area act as a security interlocking door system. Photo: Annika Feuss for GEZE GmbH

Glazed automatic doors with access control © Annika Feuss / GEZE GmbH

Maximum security and protection for the summoned and witnesses, jurors, administrative staff and visitors go without saying in modern court buildings. A total of four Slimdrive EMD-F swing door systems in the security interlocking door system to the atrium meet the safety demands of a building which is accessible to the public.

  • One of the security interlocking door systems is exclusively reserved as an entrance for court staff via an access control system.
  • Two of the automatic doors serve as separators to manage all other groups of individuals.
  • The fourth security interlocking door system acts as an exit and prevents unauthorised access to the atrium: the outer security interlocking door opens only if the inner one is closed.

The sleek Slimdrive EMD-F drive is especially suited to the restricted spaces typical of security interlocking door systems. The automatic opening and closing convenience of the swing door system enables speedy passage through the security interlocking door system, making monitoring by security staff more efficient.

Centrally controlled automatic doors safeguard rescue routes

Reliable escape and rescue routes are crucial in heavily frequented buildings. To ensure this at the new Gelsenkirchen judiciary centre, GEZE implemented multifunctional escape and rescue route doors in the atrium and building cover which can be activated by the TZ 320 central control unit.

The central control unit combines access controls, the monitoring of all emergency exit opening and closing events, and the release of the emergency exits in the event of danger. An emergency button on the door system, which opens the door in the direction of emergency exit at any time for anyone, offers additional security. Pressing the emergency button simultaneously triggers an alarm to reduce the risk of manipulation.

Door systems with complex tasks

To meet the combined fire safety and accessibility needs, over 100 doors in the entire building complex have been equipped with the door closers from the GEZE portfolio. The Boxer version, integrated into the door leaf, was used in the prestigious courtrooms, lending the door an immaculate appearance from outside. The free swing function enables the door systems to open or close with minimal effort, as if there were no door closers at all. The doors close reliably and securely in the event of a fire. The unique comfort hold-open function enables doors to be locked in position and permanently held open at the end of the free swing area without compromising the self-actuated closing in the event of a fire.

GEZE products in the Gelsenkirchen judiciary centre

  • GEZE Powerturn drive systems
  • Slimdrive EMD-F swing door systems
  • Slimdrive EMD F drive
  • TZ 320 door control unit
  • Integrated Boxer versions